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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

PTC Update

October 7, 2013


As of Friday, a bipartisan group of nine governors (Oregon, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Montana, Maryland, Illinois, and Hawaii) will sign the PTC letter and another seven governors (New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, California, Massachusetts, Colorado, and New Mexico) still have the PTC letter under review.

Thanks for the time you’ve spent getting the letter approved. We’d like to get the draft finalized by this Thursday, October 10, and sent to Congressional leadership by the end of the week. I’ll follow up individually with those of you whose governor still has the draft under review.

As you may have heard, the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Energy Policy held a hearing on the PTC last week. As the hearing demonstrated, there are very well-financed special interests and opponents who are already lobbying against the PTC who were not active last year. This is an indication of what we can expect when Congress takes up the wind PTC this session. The letter is certainly not our last statement of support, but it is the foundation of our legislative position.

We should get the letter to Congressional leadership soon since the debate is already intensifying. If you have any questions, please email ( or call me (402-651-2948) at anytime.

Thanks for all your help.


GWC PTC Letter 2013 (final draft 10-7)