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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

GWC's January Monthly Conference Call: FERC Order 1000

December 19, 2012

To: State Representatives

From: Larry Pearce

Subject: January’s Monthly Conference Call: FERC Order 1000

Just a reminder that we had to re-schedule our monthly conference call to 10:00 am CT on Friday, January 4 because of the holidays. We’ll send you an agenda a few days before the call.

FERC Order 1000

Would you please be prepared to talk about your state’s or utility commission’s position or concerns about FERC Order 1000 during the call. We’ve asked former FERC Commission Marc Spitzer to join the call and to provide background information on Order 1000. March was on the commission when Order 1000 was adopted.

As you recall, Order 1000 requires local and regional transmission planning processes to “…consider transmission needs driven by public policy requirements established by state or federal laws or regulations.” This means that local and regional transmission planning must take into consideration meeting state RPSs requirements. In the past, planning groups only had to consider reliability and efficiency.

The implementation of Order 1000 is very important to economic development in many of the coalition’s states, as well to ensure compliance with state RPS requirements. Moreover, it is essential that our electricity system maintain a diverse portfolio of fuel sources for generation in order to mitigate potential fuel supply or price spikes that would negatively impact consumers and reliability. All of these drivers make the transport of renewable energy over longer distances key to the economic growth and environmental quality. We’ll be very interested in hearing your feedback.

Hope you enjoy the holidays.