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Governors' Wind Energy Coalition

June 10, 2014

Colleagues —

I’m sure you’ve heard a great deal by now about EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan for existing power plants that was released last week.  After reading all the proposed rule, we have a somewhat firm grasp of its content. EPA seems to have honored all of the requests the Coaltion rasied in its letter last month, especially the Coalition’s request to give states credit for investments that have already been made in renewable energy development. The proposed rule is available here

We are working with AWEA to plan and co-host a webinar on the proposed rule to be scheduled for next month. The webinar will be designed for state officials.  Invitations will be sent to you, all governors, their staff as well as state environmental and energy officials.  You are welcomed and encouraged to extend that invitation to anyone who would be interested in learning more about the proposed rule.  We plan to announce a date for the webinar later this week.  In the meantime, we’ve attached a summary of the Clean Power Plan that EPA released in conjunction with the proposed rule. It’s a good summary introduction to a complex subject.

As we progress through the comment period and develop the coalition’s comments over the next few weeks, please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the proposed rule.  The proposed rule will also be a topic on this month’s conference call on Friday, June 27.


Larry, David & Ed

EPA Clean Power Plan Proposal Outline

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