New proposal calls for Utah, other states to have more participation in overseeing regional power grid

Source: By EMMA PENROD. The Salt Lake Tribune • Posted: Monday, July 18, 2016

(Brian Maffly | The Salt Lake Tribune) Latigo Wind Park, a new 27-turbine power-generating project outside Monticello went on line in March. The 62-megawatt project provides electricity to Rocky Mountain Power.

A revised document describing the guiding principals for the governance of California’s proposed 11-state electrical grid calls for broader participation from other states and sets deadlines for the implementation of a new Independent System Operator.

According to the document, posted to the California Independent System Operator website on Friday afternoon, the CAISO decided to modify its original proposal based on public and stakeholder input to give states more direct representation earlier in the transition process.

California regulators believe assigning the dispatch of electricity across 11 western states to a central authority would improve efficiency, save electrical customers millions of dollars and, in the long run, reduce pollution that comes from electrical generation.