Most Oklahomans Support Wind Power, Oppose Wind Tax: Survey Says

Source: By Betsy Lillian, North American Wind Power • Posted: Friday, February 24, 2017

According to recent surveys commissioned by American Wind Action (AWA), four in five “engaged citizens” in Oklahoma (those who voted in at least three of the last four general elections) have a “favorable” impression of wind, and more than half have a “very favorable” impression of wind – regardless of party affiliations or political ideologies.

Wilson Perkins Allen Research (WPA) conducted two studies in Oklahoma: one among the so-called “engaged citizens” and another among likely voters. The 500 engaged citizens were surveyed at the beginning of January, and the 400 likely voters were contacted in mid-February. (Both surveys were commissioned by AWA.)

According to WPA, the first research study revealed that wind energy is highly popular (80% favorable) among engaged Oklahomans. They also are more likely to support a legislator who supports wind energy (68%).

In terms of party affiliation, 74% of Republicans, 87% of Democrats and 80% of Republicans voiced a favorable opinion of wind power.

In addition, a candidate who supports wind energy would receive a majority of support from engaged citizens within every demographic (e.g., education level, gender and age). The least amount of support for a legislator in favor of wind energy came from women ages 18-52; still, nearly six in 10 of these citizens would support him or her, says WPA.

The second research study illustrated that Oklahomans’ support for wind energy translates to strong opposition for Gov. Mary Fallin’s proposed wind tax (72%).

Therefore, says the firm, Oklahomans are also less likely to support their legislator if they choose to support this tax (66%). A majority of likely voters (53%) also stated that they would be willing to call the governor, their legislator or both regarding this issue.

Moreover, a large majority of the likely voters oppose the wind tax regardless of their political affiliation: 75% of Democrats, 66% of Republicans and 82% of Independents.

More on the results can be found here.