Minnesota Governor Walz forms sub-Cabinet to help fight climate change

Source: By Associated Press • Posted: Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Democratic Gov. Tim Walz has established a pair of panels to advise him on ways Minnesota can tackle the problem of climate change.

Walz signed an executive order yesterday to form a climate change sub-Cabinet of state agency leaders. It will be led by Laura Bishop, commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. He’ll also appoint a Governor’s Advisory Council on Climate Change.

The sub-Cabinet will be tasked with identifying policies and strategies for meeting or exceeding goals set by a 2007 state law for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The 15-member advisory council will provide perspectives to the sub-Cabinet.

Walz earlier this year announced plans for reducing greenhouse gases by encouraging the switch to electric vehicles. He has also proposed requiring electrical utilities to go carbon-free by 2050.