Manchin: White House met with Democrats’ FERC pick Clements

Source: By KELSEY TAMBORRINO, Poltico • Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2020

MANCHIN: WHITE HOUSE MET WITH DEMOCRATS’ FERC PICK CLEMENTS: White House officials have met with Allison Clements, the former NRDC energy official who is Democrats’ pick for a vacant seat on FERC, Sen. Joe Manchin said Monday.

“I understood that people from the administration have at least met and talked to Clements, and I haven’t heard anything back about how they felt, favorable or not,” Manchin, the ranking Democrat on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, told reporters on Capitol Hill. “I heard they had a meeting and I hope it went well because she’s well qualified and experienced and would be an asset for the FERC committee.”

Manchin said the White House did not inform him who in the administration met with Clements, but that the meeting — the first step before a potential nomination — happened shortly before the holidays. The West Virginia senator and other Democrats have pressured the White House for months to nominate Clements alongside GOP FERC pick James Danly to keep with a decades-long FERC tradition of pairing partisan nominees.

Though Manchin’s committee approved Danly’s nomination in November, the full Senate failed to vote on him before the end of the year, meaning the White House must now resubmit his paperwork, giving it another opportunity to pair the nominees. Danly was not included in dozens of nominees the administration sent to the Senate on Monday afternoon. The White House however did formally send the nominations of Katharine MacGregor to be deputy secretary of Interior; Neil Jacobs to lead NOAA and David Wright for another term at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. All must once again go through their respective committees.