Letter, 3/15: Happy with wind Nebraska Committee’s energy vote

Source: Linda R. Brown, Lincoln--Lincoln Journal Star • Posted: Friday, March 15, 2013

I was elated to read March 8 (“Panel draws ire for wind tax bill”) that several senators on the Revenue Committee voted to advance a bill that would allow renewable energy companies tax breaks under the Nebraska Advantage Act.

I attended a wind conference at The Cornhusker in the fall. I listened to Nebraskans talk about what developing wind farms in their areas had meant in jobs and growth of their economies. We learned that Nebraska is one of the windiest states in the union, a perfect place to grow clean, sustainable wind electricity. Wind developers talked about needing the tax credit to bring their multimillion-dollar projects to Nebraska.

I am one who wants to put an increasing tax on the burning of dirty fossil fuels that are polluting our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and causing the planet to heat at an alarming rate. I am even happier to support projects that are growing clean, sustainable energy. Hooray for Sens. Steve Lathrop, Galen Hadley, Burke Harr, Pete Pirsch, Paul Schumacher and Kate Sullivan.