Judge tosses Trump challenge to California car-and-trade

Source: By Josh Siegl, Washington Examiner • Posted: Monday, July 20, 2020

California’s cap-and-trade system doesn’t conflict with U.S. foreign policy or violate the Constitution, a federal district court judge in California ruled Friday, handing a legal victory to the state on its signature climate program.

“Overall, the United States has failed to identify a clear and express foreign policy that directly conflicts with California’s cap-and-trade program,” Judge William Shubb said in his order. The Trump administration had argued the California program’s link with Quebec was unlawful, because it conflicted with the federal government’s authority over foreign policy, including President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

Shubb, however, said in his ruling that the Justice Department offered “no concrete evidence” that California’s program “interfered with either negotiations for a better deal or the nation’s imminent withdrawal” from the global climate deal.