Jay Inslee targets fossil fuel interests with new presidential promises

Source: By Emily Holden, The Guardian • Posted: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Jay Inslee speaks at Jim Clyburn's World Famous Fish Fry in Columbia, South Carolina.


Washington governor Jay Inslee will set his sights on powerful fossil fuel interests on Monday, by introducing a new portion of the presidential campaign he has centered on addressing the climate crisis.

If elected, Inslee says, he will cut billions in fossil fuel subsidies, ban new drilling on public lands and in offshore waters, phase out fracking for natural gas, end the use of coal and ban oil exports.

He also proposesto create a climate pollution fee, institute an environmental justice office within the Department of Justice in order to prosecute polluters, and adopt a “climate test” for new infrastructure projects.

“Even as fossil fuel corporations harm our communities and endanger our future, they continue to benefit from billions in US government subsidies and giveaways,” the plan says. “They are privatizing their rising profits even as they impose massive costs on society.”

Experts say Inslee’s climate plan, which also aims for net-zero carbon pollution by 2045, is the most comprehensive of any presidential candidate. But the governor is not among frontrunners in national and state polls.

Inslee will announce his new campaign promises from the FloridaEverglades on Monday morning, before joining an airboat tour with environment advocates.

Earlier this year, a Florida court decided to allow oil explorationin the Everglades, a unique ecosystem that is also a drinking water source for millions.

Other contenders for the Democratic nomination, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have echoed portions of Inslee’s proposals, particularly ending subsidies and new extraction on public lands.

Advocacy groups including the youth-based Sunrise Movement have called for White House hopefuls to distance themselves from the oil, gas and coal industries.

Most Democratic candidates have signed a pledge to refuse campaign donations from certain fossil fuel interests. The notable exceptionis former vice-president Joe Biden, who has said he will not take fossil fuel money but has yet to formally commit.


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