Infrastructure talks stuck on EVs, clean energy

Source: By Adam Aton, E&E News • Posted: Monday, June 7, 2021

Frustration is creeping into President Biden’s own climate team as his bipartisan infrastructure talks plod past the White House’s initial deadline and into the summer. Infrastructure negotiations continue today, after Biden on Friday rejected Senate Republicans’ offer of $307 billion in new spending, a $50 billion bump from their last offer. The president has offered to trim his proposal to $1 trillion, down from his initial $2.2 trillion. Climate remains a major sticking point. Republicans are fighting to keep nearly all clean energy programs out of the package. The White House cited that approach as a reason to reject the latest GOP offer, though the administration insists a deal still is possible with more time. Republicans have framed their offer as close to $1 trillion, but about two-thirds of that money would come from baseline spending. The $1 trillion compromise Biden has floated would be all additional spending. In other words, as both sides continue debating what counts as infrastructure, they’re now also disputing what counts as $1 trillion.