Gov. Cuomo May Order 50% Renewable Energy In NY By 2030

Source: By Jake Richardson, CleanTechnica • Posted: Monday, November 30, 2015

Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly planning to order state regulators to mandate that 50% of all electricity in New York come from renewable sources. Two nuclear power plants will probably be shut down at some point, so the electricity they generate will need to be placed, and it only seems sensible to replace it with clean, renewable electricity, given the cost of new nuclear power. (One of the nuclear plants has also been losing about $60 million a year.)


Rhone Resch, president and chief executive officer of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has made two statements about the possibility that Governor Cuomo may make the 50% renewable energy goal a requirement, saying “Governor Cuomo’s plan to implement a 50 percent renewable portfolio standard (RPS) represents a strong endorsement for solar power as part of a responsible approach to a clean energy future. Solar is a job-creating American economic engine that will bring affordable and clean electricity to the Empire State for many decades to come.

“A 50 percent RPS is a significant milestone toward addressing New York’s climate goals, and reaffirms the state as a leader in seizing the economic advantages of clean energy. We applaud Governor Cuomo for this ambitious and vital policy measure and look forward to working with him and with all New Yorkers as they make this imminently achievable move to bring what is now a widely available and cost-effective power source to all corners of the state.”

The NY-SUN initiative, a billion dollar commitment supporting New York solar power, could result in 3,000 MW of PV solar being installed in the next seven years. (A state solar rebate and a state tax credit also support residential and commercial PV solar.)

About two-thirds of rooftops in New York City could accommodate solar panels and if that many were installed, the total capacity would be over 5,800 megawatts. Renewable energy is relatively scare, so it might seem shocking or weird to conceive of it having a much larger role in electricity production. However, California has already considered a 50% renewable energy goal.