Former Senator Jim Webb Tours Iowa Wind Farm

Source: BY ROGER RILEY, WHO-TV, Des Moines, Iowa • Posted: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Former Senator Jim Webb tours Rippey Wind Farm in Greene County Iowa (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

Former Senator Jim Webb tours Rippey Wind Farm in Greene County Iowa (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

GRAND JUNCTION, Iowa- Former United States Senator Jim Webb, D-Virgina visited the Rippey Wind Farm located near Grand Junction Iowa.  Webb,  wanted to learn more about green energy.

Employees of RPM Access told the former senator of how Iowa is a great place to generate electricity.  Issues come over transmission lines, or substations which may not be up to standard.

The representatives also shared policy from Washington DC causes uncertainty for investors planning projects.

Speaking to reporters Webb said he had some questions about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“We have dozens of countries with vastly varying economic and governmental systems,” said Webb.  “We have not seen the actual document people are going to have to vote on.”

Webb was asked about all the candidates jumping into  the presidential race.

“I feel like I’m at a bakery, take a number slot, to see if I can order my pastry,” said Webb. “We have so many people jumping in, that’s healthy for the democratic process.”

Webb was intrigued by the wind turbine towers.  He went inside and saw the elevator that takes 2 people to the top in eight minutes.  He decided his campaign schedule would not allow him time to go the top.

“I try to visit alternative energy sources and learn more about them,” said Webb. He said he learned “some very good points about the approval process,” referring to the federal government.