California Energy Storage Companies Wade Into Japan Market

Source: By Mark Chediak, Bloomberg • Posted: Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Two California energy storage providers say they are deploying networks of systems in Japan to help the country use more renewable energy.

Stem Inc., a California firm that provides energy storage solutions, said it’s deploying a network of systems with Mitsui & Co. Ltd., marking its first foray into Asian markets. The companies, which gained an endorsement from Japan’s Ministry of Energy, Trade and Infrastructure, will install a “virtual power plant” made up initially of aggregated storage systems that will supply 750 kilowatt-hours of capacity to the grid.

Sunverge Energy Inc., based in San Francisco, said it also is partnering with Mitsui to install dozens of energy storage units. The systems have been deployed in the service area of Tokyo Electric Power Co. and will use Sunverge’s energy-management service.

The projects are designed to help even out the fluctuations in solar and wind power in Japan as the country works to deregulate its electricity markets and ramp up renewables. Stem said it already has battery systems in California, Hawaii, Texas and New York.