5 companies want to develop turbines off N.C. coast

Source: E&E • Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2013

Five companies responded positively to a federal survey asking whether they would be interested in developing offshore wind power off the coast of North Carolina.

Virginia Electric and Power Co., which serves Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, was one of the respondents.

“We responded we are interested, but there is a long way to go,” said spokesman Dan Genest of Dominion Resources Inc., the company that owns Virginia Electric and Power. “We are interested. We would like to be a player. There’s a lot we have to learn, though.”

Both Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and the Sierra Club are in favor of the plan, but proponents face obstacles, primarily that offshore wind power is expensive and Congress’ interest in offering subsidies is waning.

An environmental study has not been conducted, and there still needs to be an investigation into offshore wind’s effect on shipping (Sean Cockerham, McClatchy Newspapers/Charlotte Observer, March 13)