3 states drew more than 20% of power from wind in 2014 — survey 

Source: Katherine Ling, E&E reporter • Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wind generated more than 20 percent of electricity in three states last year and California became the first to draw 5 percent of its power from utility-scale solar last year, according to a survey from research firm Clean Edge Inc.

Wind produced almost 30 percent of Iowa’s electricity, a total of 16,300 megawatt-hours; 25 percent of South Dakota’s power; and 22 percent of Kansas’ in 2014, according to the index, which ranks states and cities based on a wide range of indicators.

The three wind power states fell short in other energy, policy or financing categories, leaving them out of the top 20 overall U.S. states for clean technology.

California topped the overall clean-tech list for the sixth year in a row, getting almost 10 gigawatts of energy from utility-scale solar and being home to three of the top four of large cities in the index — San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego. The state is ranked No. 1 for clean electricity, electric and hybrid vehicles, and energy-efficient and intelligent buildings, and finally took the top spot for capital, as well, bumping Massachusetts to second.

Massachusetts did edge California for the number of clean technology policies enacted, maintaining its second-place position overall in the rankings. Oregon again placed third in the survey, with a boost from its policy and capital growth; Colorado came in a close fourth, led by its strong energy-efficient buildings.

There has been little movement in the top five states for clean technology since the survey started in 2010, although Washington state has dropped from fourth to ninth place over the past five years. Vermont has fluctuated from a low of 15th in 2013 back up to sixth place for the most recent report, along with some upward movement in the rankings for Connecticut and Hawaii.

If hydropower and biomass are included, five states exceeded 60 percent of its electricity generated from clean electricity, and the Northwestern states hit more than 70 percent, according to the survey.